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Guides & Templates

DIY - "Do it Yourself" opportunities perfect for those with a good understanding of technologies and digital platforms already, those with the time to commit to consistent implementation of the guides and use of the templates, and startups or nonprofits with a smaller budget.  

Fitness App

Social Media Guide

○ Analysis of optimal platforms for your industry

○ A social media strategy per platform (up to 3) including post ideas, optimal times, optimal days, algorithm notes, and annual calendar

○ Hispanic marking guide is available as well

Social Media Templates

○ 4 editable post templates per platform - 12 in total

This is based on and an accompaniment to the strategy analysis in the Social Media Guide 

Travel Apps
Wooden Alphabet Letters

SEO Guide

○ The purpose and benefits of SEO

○ How to conduct your own SEO audit

○ How to optimize your website by incorporating the results from your SEO audit  

Newsletter Template

○ 1 Newsletter template created on the platform of your choice 

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